Melbourne & Sydney VIPs Intensive Coaching Day    

You feel like your life is a constant juggle, you're tired and may have even lost touch of your deeper purpose.

You want to make a shift, like, yesterday. You're ready for things to change.

It's time to get off the merry-go-round, to recharge, clarify and reconnect, so you can step back into life on fire with conscious ambition.


As a result of this program you will...

  • Feel everyday distractions disappear
  • See horizons expand
  • Become clear on your ambitions
  • Feel your energy restored


this program includes:

Pre luxury coaching intensive:

  • A 60 minute preparatory coaching session 

Day one:

  • Settle into your 5 star hotel room

Day two:

  • Private coaching session (three hours) and breakfast at one of Melbourne or Sydney's chic breakfast spots
  • Pampering body treatment at one of Melbourne or Sydney's most heavenly day spas
  • Private coaching session (three hours) and lunch at one of Melbourne or Sydney's hidden cafes

Day three:

  • Farewell brunch together

Post luxury coaching intensive:

  • One follow-up 60 minute coaching session


This is your chance to show up for yourself and pursue a life of conscious ambition. Why wait?


Investment: $4000


As there are a wide range of dates available for VIP sessions in both Melbourne and Sydney throughout the year, simply register your interested by completing the below form and I'll be in touch soon!

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