Internet use sneaking up again? It's time to #reboot!

Okay, confession time.

After a long period of being careful with my internet use, running this business has opened the way for some serious slippage.

Building an online business is the perfect excuse for being online.

Yep. I've been online much more than I would like!

What's been happening?

I haven't been losing myself online for long periods at a time but what I have been doing is checking frequently for responses. 

It clouds my thinking and makes me live less consciously.

I've come to realise that internet use for me (and many others) is a cornerstone activity, that is, that it shapes many activities around it.

It's foundational.

Another example of a cornerstone activity is exercising, which often means that we eat better, and take care of ourselves better in a range of ways.

Being on Facebook and Instagram for my business are great because they let me share, inspire, educate and connect with others. However, they are also great for those little 'dings' of interest with likes and hearts.

Those dings (aka dopamine hits) that our brains just love to bits!

For me, even a small amount of internet overuse (beyond what is truly fun, productive or purposeful) throws me off my groove a bit.

It wasn't long before I realised what was going on and got sick of my behaviour.

I'm under no illusions about living well with technology. It's not a set and forget, it's way too easy, seductive and ever present for that in my case, and in the case of anyone that overuses the internet.

If it wasn't, you wouldn't be on it.

What we can all do, though, is #reboot our relationship with technology.

So when you slip into habits that don't serve you, don't beat yourself up, simply resume habits that serve you better.

Something that has really sharpened my focus on this is to #reboot so as to align my internet use with my values and how I most want to feel.

The most important things to me (my values) are:

  • self-care/peace of mind
  • relationships with my family and friends
  • having a great time
  • showing up in a big way for my clients
  • being a force of good in the world

The feelings I cultivate in my life are:

  • Joy and contentment
  • Love
  • Peace
  • Gratitude and generosity
  • Energetic
  • 'Enoughness', actually more than enoughness!

What are your greatest values and what are the feelings you most want to experience in your life? 

When you are clear on your values and how you want to feel, choosing when to be online becomes crystal clear. 

If you're online in conflict with your values and feelings, you might want to dig a little deeper for why that's happening.

Think about it, write about it, talk about it.

Go with curiosity rather than judgement during this process.

It's not the end of the world if you're online a lot, it's the invitation to a new life.

Happy #reboot!

Let me know how you go. What are your values and do they match how you're online?

Much love,
Lara xx

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