How to do what you want (but don't get around to)

Do you make big plans, get all excited and then drop them just as fast?

"I'm running every day from now on!" "No more sugar!" "I'll be fluent in French by Christmas!". 

We all like the rush of a big plan but get frustrated when our plans don't work out in the long-run.

What if the real way to do what you want in life – all those great things you're keen to do but never seem to get around to – was to dramatically drop your expectations? To go big by going small?

How to go big by going small

I've made a handy step by step plan here. There are actually only four steps, but you can repeat them over and over :)

Step 1: Pick one think that lights your heart up when you read it.

Step 2: Think about how good it would feel to do it. Really marinate in it!

Step 3. What would need to happen for you to do it once? Yep, once, for five minutes. Not every day, not once a month. Once. For five minutes. Notice the limiting thoughts. Are you equating self-care with selfishness? Is there 'no time' (a simple trick, imagine I was giving you a million dollars to do this activity just once – where does the time appear?). 

Step 4. Do it once, for five minutes.

Step 5. Notice that it was possible! You did it! 

Step 6. Rinse, extend (or not), repeat.

It wont feel that exciting first up, you may even dismiss it. BUT it is in small steps that big, meaningful changes actually occur. Even leaps are made up of a million small choices and actions. Go small to go big!


With love,
Lara xx

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