Five steps to feeling fabulous with your work look.

There's no denying that when you feel foxy and sparky on the outside you also get an internal boost.

It feels awesome when your outside represents your glorious inside. 

The thing is that dressing for work can be so soul sucking. So many spoken and unspoken rules hemming in (boom boom) us all. 

So what is the secret to feeling awesome in what you adorn yourself with each day?


Sparky check

Go through your wardrobe, however big or small and ask yourself this:

Do I feel sparky in this item of clothing. Do I get energised at the thought of wearing it. 

* This question is inspired by Marie Kondo's method, which you might like to check out. 

If the answer is no, it needs a new home. Give it to friends or charity. Sell it to a consignment store like Recycle Boutique or Penny Lane Clothing Exchange in Melbourne. 

If you find you need an item to fill a gap in your wardrobe, check out the second-hand market and clothing brands that make high quality, ethical clothing. Buy one special thing rather than 10 made in terrible conditions that will fall apart. 


Streamline it

Believe it or not, I'm not advocating for shopping up a storm. I'm more in favour of 

buying things that are versatile (should be worn 3 out of 4 seasons with layering - thanks Meagan Harding), long lasting and that you feel great in.

Having a smaller wardrobe that feels great is low fuss, better for the environment and for your wallet... maybe. 

You save time and angst by knowing that everything fits, is comfortable and makes you feel great. Time you can better use elsewhere?

So why not try a minimalist wardrobe or even a 'uniform' as is advocated by Adrianna Huffington, Christine Carter and this fabulous woman who wears the same shirt every day to work!

Does the idea of a smaller wardrobe or repeating items give you chest palpitations? 

You might have bought into the idea that women need to be always wearing different clothes to be 'enough'. Most of us believe this or have believed it (and deprogrammed ourselves). Thankfully that is a belief that isn't true. You're fabulous no matter what you wear. 


Bring back joy and creativity

Remember how fun it was to get dressed up when you were little? When there were no rules and you just went with what you felt like?

How about dropping some of the rules in how you dress? Would the sky fall in if you wore those bright red shoes or sparkly shirt? 

The more you can delight yourself with what you put on your body, the better! I'm not talking the 'people will think this looks good' or 'this feels appropriate'. I'm digging for the 'I feel exhilarated in this, I feel great' even if it is super scary to wear it. 

I dare you to wear it!!


My approach

My personal approach to feeling fab at work is a work in progress. I've downsized my wardrobe a lot but am still finding things I am clinging to that I feel gross in. 

I often dress in ways that I am excited by that scare the pants off me. Breaking my childhood rules of 'dressing in a classic way' were surprisingly hard to throw off but get more fun all the time.

I've donated a lot and have another bag to take to the consignment store of more special clothes I'd like some money back on. 

Like anything in life, how we dress is an invitation to be more of ourselves and get to know ourselves better. 

It can be light and fun. Easy and straightforward.

It can be challenging: An opportunity to drop old beliefs and be aligned with your deeper self. 


Imagine being so clear on what you want and need that decisions become almost effortless - everything from what to wear to work to what career to pursue! That's what you get from working with me. Click here to arrange a free session to talk about what you want more of in your work/life. 


So much love to you!

Lara xx


Hi, I'm Dr Lara Corr, a life coach and specialist in wellbeing at work. I support professionals to discover and live with conscious ambition through private coaching, group workshops and gorgeous retreats. 

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