Work should add to your life, not drain it.

There's someone I know who was unhappy at work for a looong time. His catchphrase was "I don't live to work, I work to live", as if this meant that he didn't have to like his job because it wasn't his life.

But it was at least 40 hours of his best quality waking hours every week.

Work wasn't his whole life, but like it or not, it was a huge part of it.

The research is clear about the effect of work in our lives. 

It makes life better if the work is 'good quality' that is, that we are respected, the work feels meaningful, we get paid what we deserve and have supportive colleagues.

On the flip side, when work is poor quality, it is WORSE than being unemployed for your mental health.

Take that in for a minute.

It is worse to be in a crappy job and having the money and other resources that you get from work than being unemployed. 

There is an in-between, a sweet spot, where you have a full life and work that is enjoyable and meaningful. I don't know that this has always been the case, but for most of us it certainly is now.

If you're not enjoying your work, ask yourself why. 

Be honest.

Are you hiding behind excuses instead of finding work that would add to your life? Instead of transforming your role into something more fulfilling and fun? Instead of going for that promotion or uplevelling your business?

Imagine how good it would feel to do work that was meaningful AND enjoyable, fun even!?

You can have it all and you are certainly worth going for it.

Big love,
Lara xx

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