Should your work be influenced by science or spirituality?

I once dated a very clever atheist who worked hard to convince me (with fabulously detailed scientific arguments) why spirituality and religion was a load of rubbish. That spiritual beliefs were an ancient quirk and a psychological crutch.

Unnecessary and foolish.

It was a useful exercise, as it helped me to see that the alongside his arguments remained my beliefs, in tact, despite his intensity and intellect.

That’s because science and spirituality (my version of it, at least) are perfectly compatible.

I've never questioned that, partly because of being raised by a father who is a devout Catholic AND a geophysicist (certainly on board with evolution and so on). Like Einstein, he is a believer in what is seen, repeatedly observable and measurable and that which is unseen and decidedly harder to pin down. 

Having studied pure science at university and public health and social sciences for over a decade, I’m well versed in evidence and critical thinking. In fact, I’ve made my living and hopefully an impact on the world by designing robust studies to get the best quality findings. 

I love a good randomised control trial and I also believe to my bones that there is something ‘more’. 

There is a glaring dichotomy that exists - black and white thinking – about science and spirituality that needs to go.

I propose to you that science and spirituality can make a passionate and fulfilling partnership, one that can bring more joy, meaning and richness to our lives than we could have imagined.

Let's use the best of neuroscience, psychology, productivity and work health research to gather amazing evidence on ways forward to making our working lives as good as the evidence can find.

While we're at it, lets work on the secret sauce of life - connecting to something bigger, tuning into our intuition and embracing the magic of that benevolent mystery in life. The 'Universe' or God, that loves us, holds us and wants nothing short of a revolution of happiness, peace, sustainability and equality on earth. 

When it comes to careers, evidence helps hugely in supporting hunches and pointing us in a useful direction (e.g. greater equity improves EVERYONE’S health, bullying or poor working conditions risk everyone's mental health) but without the deeper dimension of spirituality we miss out on some key things.

We miss out on beliefs that support a bigger, braver and more peaceful life...

That there is a greater purpose to our actions.

That challenges have a deeper meaning.

That we get assistance (coincidences, 'downloads', ideas etc) from the Universe.

That we are connected to each other and all things.

That we are guided beyond simply our intuition.

That we are loved, held and worthy, always.

That the minutiae of our lives matters as well as the big picture.

That our work and careers are about more than just making a living.

That our work can help to bring us to the best versions of ourselves, the richest version of our lives and the greatest impact on improving and loving the world.

So I can be a social scientist and create the best evidence possible, while also being connected to something greater and experiencing ‘magic’ (for want of a better word) that is so vivid and so utterly compelling that my life is irrevocably changed.

This way of living is enough for some people to write me off as 'not all there'.

Maybe they are right, because I am more that just 'there' - I'm in another dimension of living.

Want to join me?

Much love,

Lara xx


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