Thriving in your job while you're waiting to leave.

I have a steady stream of clients that cannot wait to leave their jobs.

They are done!

They've grown out of the job or their work culture is toxic.

They might crave a new challenge and a bigger impact.

But... they need to stay a little longer in their role.

It could be financial or simply in making a great exit plan to a job they will thrive in (often both!).

What I want for them and YOU is to have as much energy and confidence as possible for the next work adventure, so here are 4 things to do now.

  1. Make a plan to get the most out of your current job. Got any current challenges? Sort them out as much as you can. Learn what you can. Achieve what you came there for (as much as is possible). Look at it as an opportunity to practice what you need to and really make it work for you.

  2. Look after your health. Yes, you. Up your exercise and meditation (or start both). The aim is to leave and go into your next adventure feeling amazing, not crawling to the end.

  3. Begin to let go emotionally. Okay, so maybe you let go a long time ago! ha! But if you are still very emotionally caught up in your work - feeling a lot of anger, frustration or hurt - try to start processing these feelings. Write them out, walk them out or talk them out with someone willing and able.

  4. Update your CV and LinkedIn Profile. Do one version that is REALLY detailed just for you. A version where you wax lyrical about how awesome you are and all you have achieved. Ask for testimonials on LinkedIn and ensure it is reflecting where you are now professionally.

 The grass really can be greener, so make a plan and go for it!

It’s time to love your work.

xx Lara

  P.S. If you’d like to talk about your unique work situation with someone willing and able, make a time with me here.

Hi, I'm Dr Lara Corr, a researcher, life coach and expert in thriving at work. I support professionals to discover and live with conscious ambition through private coaching, group workshops and gorgeous retreats. 

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