One facet of mental health you must know about.

It's mental health week and Lord knows it is a complex subject.

There are so many reasons that we may experience anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar and other mental health problems.

I've become increasingly open about my own struggles with mental health problems, particularly anxiety. I am an expert on anxiety!

I'm so grateful for the professionals and loved ones who have supported me work through the worst of it so that I am mostly very content and well today (and I know how to get back on kilter when I wobble). 

Trust me when I say we can't afford to ignore our mental health.

Research tells us that there are problematic aspects of work that can lead even healthy people to experience common mental health problems like anxiety and depression. 

Life can also throw up a whole lot that can tip us into mental health problems. 

There are structural reasons that can lead to poor mental health (discriminatory systems) and issues in our upbringings.

So let's talk about one thing that can show up at the core of not only severe mental health problems but for each of us, regardless of our mental wellbeing.

One thing that we can act to consciously change and reap the benefits!

A serious part of common mental dis-ease is about rejection of yourself. All the small and large ways we have decided we are not okay, need to hide, should feel ashamed or are unloveable.

I am here to tell you, they are all rubbish.

It's time to drop the judgement and start to notice who you really are - and accept it!

Start playing with and observing the REAL answers to these statements, not the ones that you think will make you the most 'okay' 'acceptable' or 'high status'.

  • How you like to do things
  • What you enjoy, find entertaining, funny or enlivening
  • Your energy levels and patterns
  • Who you like to be around
  • What work you like or love
  • What you look like
  • What exercise/movement you enjoy
  • Where you like to holiday
  • What colours you enjoy most
  • What activities you like
  • How you like to spend your time

The more you get to know and embrace YOU, the more you build self-compassion and build mental wellbeing (self-compassion is described as the one skill that can change the world - it will certainly change your world). 

As I come to accept myself more and more I also accept the nature and callings of those around me. Gosh it makes life so much sweeter, less frustrating and more pleasurable.

I invite you to be kind and have hope that you can incorporate more self-compassion into your life. 

Much love,

Lara xx

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Lara xx


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