The world is a bit f*cked. Here's what to do...

We all love to make a positive impact on the world. Knowing how to shape the world for the better is a key part of making our work-lives more meaningful and satisfying in the day-to-day and building our legacy. 

It matters. Big time. 

We are all hopeful but also heartbroken by the awful injustices surrounding us. 

Thank goodness we don't have to be powerless spectators. Here's how.

1. Tune into where you are being called now.
What is breaking your heart? What is firing you up? Where is the urgency? Cut the overwhelm and pick one thing, now.

2. Build your awareness. 
Purposefully learn, watch, listen to people and groups that are at at the pointy end of the injustice. You can do this by following people in the know (mostly from that group) on social media, attending online webinars, trainings, books and so on. There is SO much available these days to move and open your heart, soul and mind. 

Remember, just as men aren't the experts in feminism, white women aren't the experts in racism, nor are non queer people the experts in being LGBT. Listen and respect the work and energy of those in the know. We might not be the experts but we can do plenty to support and amplify the work! 

3. Let yourself feel all the feelings.
A lot of feelings will come up. Let them but don't let them stop you. 

For me, doing this work has been painful, especially given that I am complicit in so much (newsflash, most of us are). I'm a white, cis women who is able bodied (mostly), married to a man and living on stolen land here in Australia (for those outside Australia, it was taken by the English from Aboriginal people). Being a non-Indigenous Australia means we are benefiting from the oppression of Indigenous Australians. Yep, even if you don't want or mean to. 

Learning from some kickass Black American women activists has blown my mind wide open on a whole other level. Holy shit, white women are a problem. Yep, true. This is not fun to learn (easier to blame everything on the patriarchy!). I felt resistance, blamed, shamed and yep, that's my work to do. It's okay, it's necessary! All white people need to do this work because it's so subconscious, the ol' white supremacy. The truth is so much better than living in the dark. #knowbetterdobetter

4. Act, imperfectly. 
Act, my loves, act! You will make missteps, own your errors and apologise. Remembering to use the pronoun 'they' for non-binary friends takes practice, being conscious generally takes practice. Keep trying, keep acting. You are the ripple joining the wave of change. Keep going! 

5. Keep perspective.
I might be nervous sending this imperfect email but not as distressed as a refugee at Nauru or a parent separated from their child or someone whose just been the victim of racism. So be nervous but let's be real...act ;)

If you are called to something urgent - make the call(s), donate the money, share the message, send the email(s), attend the rally. Whatever needs to happen, do it. Remember that every action matters and contributes. 

6. Keep up your self-care and boundaries.
* Give yourself a certain amount of time a day or week to contribute. 
* Be careful not to burnout but overdoing it.
* Sustainable, steady action is ideal when possible. Life is a marathon, not a sprint and so is working to turn the tide of injustice. 

You are brave. You are kind. You can do good things!

Love you!

xx Lara

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