4 ways to make work more peaceful.

It's no joke that work is getting more intense these days (there's research to prove it), so given what's happening in our workplaces, what can we do to protect our wellbeing, to find peace in our hectic work days?

This post is about dispelling the major myth around feeling peaceful at work AND giving you a range of ways to find peace in your day. I encourage you to pick the ones that feel good to you and give them a whirl.


The thought that might be stopping you from finding ways to feel more peaceful at work is that your work situation is different.

"I can't feel peaceful at work for x, y and z reasons". 

e.g. 'My work is so stressful', 'My work is so high pressure', 'I'm the head of my organisation', 'I am the only one', 'I am doing the work of several people', 'I need to feel stressed to perform'...

If you have bought into this myth it's time to start questioning its truth and if it is useful to you...

Because no matter what your job or circumstance, you can feel more peaceful at work.

Working on making work more peaceful is critical not only to your work but to your HEALTH and the quality of your relationships and your life.


One of the best things you can do to feel more peaceful at work is to stop telling yourself - and believing - that you don't have enough time, that you can't cope, that you aren't good enough or that 'this is a disaster'.

These thoughts, when believed, will set off your stress hormones and put you into survival brain. If you want to be wired and think like a lizard, go ahead. If you'd rather have the use of the most critical parts of your brain and get your work done, problem solve and triumph, reign that shit in!

Soothing words like: "[Insert your name], everything will get done, take a minute of deep breaths, do the next task necessary, it's all good" will make a world of difference. 


Don't roll your eyes or say "I know, I know" and then not act on this information. Everything in life is harder and more stressful when you are hungry, tired and haven't moved your body all day.

Eat something that sustains you, go to bed a smidgen earlier, walk or stand whenever possible (standing desks and walking meetings rock).

Look after yourself! Feel the benefits immediately.

More focus, more calm, more energy, more joy.


We know that boundaries are best when they are fluid and flexible, so you can let in what serves you and keep out what harms or depletes you.

So, three boundary types that will increase your peace a lot are:

Physical boundaries: 

Give yourself permission to end conversations, move away from people, get out of the office for a walk or step wayyy back from the space invader.

Psychological boundaries:

My favourite question - I think it's Byron Katie that asks "Whose business is it?" More importantly, is this YOUR business?

Set clear boundaries around what is your business and what is not your business.

Keep in your own head. You do not know what others are thinking. It is irrelevant at this point to imagine. Ask if need be but don't believe you're telepathic!

Energetic boundaries:

We all know that feeling of someone coming into work with difficult emotional energy. For people that are sensitive to it (like moi) it can be really distracting, off-putting and feel like it clings to you or the air. 

I like to use a simple visualisation of a barrier of white light going between me and the person or situation you would like to disconnect from. 

Another really effective process is to imagine that the unwanted energy is transformed into peaceful energy. 

These exercises encourage you to focus on something other than the person and let your body relax in the process. 


You knew this was coming! Take one or two minutes and slow your breathing. It will change your life.

Finding peace in the busyness of life is absolutely essential and you can do it. Which tip are you going to try out?

Schedule it into your day and work it!

Much love,
Lara xx