Can you beat your inner critic?

Recently, I talked with a client who is well on her way to creating a beautiful work life. She had been brave enough to explore her passions and leadings to uncover an amazing creative pursuit that is shaping up to be a fabulous business. She didn't want it to be everything though and decided she also wanted to pivot with her skills and experience to be employed in a new area. This combo of side gig and steady job felt great to her. She narrowed it down enough to start job hunting. 

There were jobs she wanted and could do - yay!

Then the opinionated voice - the inner critic - came out all guns blazing.

As she recounted to be how it stripped her down and made her breathless it felt so universal to me. 

I've been there. 

You've been there.

We get excited, we dip our toes in the water and self-doubt comes screaming up in our faces and brings us to a halt. 

'You aren't good enough to do it'

'You've made the wrong life choices'

'You'll never do it'

What do we do with these crushing thoughts?

Can we beat our inner critic?

The short answer is, no.

We cannot beat the inner critic at its game, because its game will never end. 

It survives by being relevant, so it will just find another pain point to press into until you stop trying.

It's time to play a different game that ends with you creating a bloody fantastic life, fear in hand, face to the wind, eyes sparkling, heart beaming.

You can do it. 

With love,
Lara xx

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*By spirituality, I’m talking about whatever way you connect to and experience something bigger, whether through nature, meditation, prayer or acts of service. Whatever you call it or them. All methods and approaches welcome.