What you must know about jealousy at work.

Jacinta*, is a successful executive who, frankly, works her butt off. In her last role, she was carrying her team a lot of the time. There was a lot going on for her at work but what REALLY got to her was a colleague who left early.

Now when I say 'early', I mean, the colleague left at about 6pm each night (hours earlier than Jacinta). This colleague took vacations and even had the audacity to take lunch breaks each day.

There was plenty wrong with her colleague's performance at work but the final straw for Jacinta was this woman's work-life balance.

You might already see that Jacinta's jealousy was the window to what she really wanted. 

  • Reasonable work hours.
  • Daily lunch breaks.
  • R and R during regular holidays.

This is not the first time I've heard this scenario. 

Let's stop judging ourselves for jealousy and start looking at what it is showing us... what we really want.

Is it recognition? More responsibility? A holiday? Less responsibility? Reasonable working hours?

Once you know, you can make a plan to go get it!

What are you jealous of? What is it telling you?

And Jacinta? She's now in a role where she gets everything she used to be jealous about, which means she has time to also enjoy her relationships, have more energy, be more creative and explore her passions and gifts beyond the 9-5!

Big love,
Lara xx

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*Name changed for privacy