3 ways to cope with backlash from shining.

A big reason why some women don't want to shine at work and beyond is fear of being disliked.

There's this notion that women with power, shining talents and confidence are wrong, nasty and somehow dangerous. 

It's true, of course, that women with power are dangerous to the status quo as they often act differently to men ... and doesn't the world need that?

Yes. Big time. 

BUT you might fear being seen as a bitch, as thinking you are 'too good' for someone, as being as incredible as each of you are.

When women see their potential in it's glory it is terrifying and spectacular. 

So rather than retreat in fear, step into it. 

1. Keep in your lane.

2. Stay true to yourself.

3. Soothe the fear that bubbles up and speak truth to it. 

Shine, shine, shine!

It's time to love your work!

Big love,
Lara xx 

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