How to tell if your workplace is out of whack.

Is your workplace out of whack?

It's easy to tell. 

First, look around and notice the ratio of women and men. 

Are there any people that are non-binary or trans?

How many people are gay, lesbian or bisexual?

How many people represent a wide variety of skin colours and cultural backgrounds?

How many are Indigenous?

Any people living with disabilities?

How many are young, how many are middle aged, how many are older?

If you don't have a diverse workplace, your workplace is out of whack.

Beige workforces have been the norm, but this is fast changing with huge benefits for individuals and organisations. But it doesn't happen without ongoing effort. 

Start with you and your unconscious bias (we all have it in buckets and spades). If you're interested in unpacking your privilege this November, check out the work of Sharon Holmes - a biracial Australian anti-racism mentor and teacher. It's time!

It's time to love your work!

Big love,
Lara xx 

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