The career you’ve been building for years isn’t satisfying anymore.

I work with smart, ambitious women like you who want to excel in work they are passionate and excited about. The problem is that right now, you are bored or overwhelmed at work. You dread each day so much that you have to give yourself pep-talks to get through it.

You’re just not happy at work anymore.

You have so much to offer, you should be dancing to work in the morning, not feeling drained, annoyed and stressed out. Instead, you are exhausted and end up in a netflix coma each night to escape your day.

Dr Lara Corr’s unique career coaching will get you happy at work, on your right path, and clear about your next career steps, so that you can enjoy a fulfilling career and make the impact you crave.

Do you:

  • Feel unsatisfied with your work?

  • Find yourself daydreaming about how great it would be to do a job you loved AND what you’re good at?

  • Feel a restlessness about work… and it is getting worse as time goes on?

  • Find yourself getting more bored, more annoyed and more overwhelmed and it’s creeping into the rest of life too.

  • You just don’t feel as happy as you used to.

  • Wonder how on earth you’ll get through the next year at work?

Many women have a martyr-like relationship with work.

They push on each day feeling unhappy and unfulfilled and will sacrifice their wellbeing, energy, time and peace of mind for the benefit of their employer or business. Some have even told me that if they force themselves to feel grateful enough, they can keep going when they are miserable.

Can you imagine going from feeling sick at the thought of another day at work…

to thinking of work with delight, excited at what the future holds?

You could...

  • Feel content with the knowledge that you’re doing what you’re here for, relaxed and confident in your choices and in your own abilities.

  • Create a work-life that is on track: doing work that excites you.

  • Know that you have what it takes to tackle any challenge.

  • Use your talents and passion to make an impact in the world.

  • Get back an enormous amount of  energy and mental space when you stop worrying about how to solve your ‘career problem’

  • Start having fun at work again!


These are the results experienced by clients that felt the same way as you do about work.

They were paralysed by their work ‘situation’ despite so much thought, a shelf of self-help books and a big dose of determination.  

That’s where career coaching can change your work-life (your life!) by taking you from forcing yourself to go to work each day to enjoying it and being excited about your future.

Loving your work-life looks like this.

  • Singing around the house in the morning before work.

  • Having important, hilarious or engaging conversations with your partner or friends instead of complaining about work.

  • Strutting into your meeting like you were born to be there.

  • High fiving yourself about all the goals you’re kicking at work.

That’s the exact reason I created the Conscious Ambition Framework to take you from despairing to enjoying your work and maximising your success so that you can get on with your life!


Your ‘Sweet Spot Profile’ will help you to uncover your ideal situation in life – your sweet spot. It will give you a clear picture of the situations that you do best in and the ones that you struggle with the most.

The profile, combined with focused private work-life coaching allows you to:

  • Find answers to your life that you didn’t know you held and to uncover patterns and sabotaging thoughts you didn’t even know you had – insights that change everything.

  • Most importantly, you get the personalised support and accountability you need to bring all those 'aha' moments into your life, to see it and FEEL it change before your eyes.

  • Get clear about the work situations that help you thrive or leave you drained so that you know what to go for (and what to move away from) to create your best work life.

  • Learn how to make decisions that are true to you and connected to your most satisfying working life to get rid of 90% of indecision.

Keeping on track - ongoing support:

You'll be supported through email, a special accountability online tool and a weekly SMS.

That means you can get on with what you’re supposed to be doing with your life. Forget feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

Not on my watch! You’ll be living your purpose more each week!

How We Get Your To Your Sweet Spot

  • Sweet Spot Profile

  • 6 x 60 minute private coaching sessions

  • Ongoing accountability via a special online tool

  • Weekly SMS inspiration

  • Limitless email support available Monday - Friday

  • A personal planning tool and goal setting guide for the year ahead.


As a result of this coaching program, you will…

  • Get clear about the work situations that help you thrive or leave you drained so that you feel energized

  • Know what to go for (and what to move away from) so that you can  create your bestlife

  • Learn to make decisions that are true to you and connected to your most satisfying working life so that you get rid most feelings of indecision

  • Identify what is holding you back in your work-life and how to deal with it so you can get on with loving your work

  • Understand the beliefs and thoughts that are sabotaging you so you can intentionally boost your energy, joy and satisfaction

  • Get clarity on your ideal working life so that you  feel the sweet relief of knowing you’re on track.

  • Get the support and accountability to bring that ideal working life into reality.

  • Finally feel excited about the possibilities and transformations in your working life so that you can enjoy your whole life again.

Through my work with Lara I’ve gone from not having any idea about what I wanted to do next in my career to having explored a creative business idea and then identifying how I could move into a new area of professional employment by pivoting on my existing skill set. Lara has helped me to identify and work through issues and challenges within myself, offering thought processes and action steps that have allowed me to move forward with openness and excitement rather than criticism and self-doubt. I’m so grateful to Lara for the compassionate, enthusiastic and inspiring way she has guided me through a time of major change and transition in my life.
— Fleur Gabriel, Melbourne
I was looking for some structured guidance to work through exactly what it is I’m going to do “when I grow up”! You have delivered that in spades!! The fortnightly phone format is flexible, personal and real. I was made to feel comfortable exploring all issues related to and connecting with my working life – having the “space” to discuss and analyse this, to grow towards better work practice. Lara is happy to go to the harder places and to push a little if needed.
— Martina Shelley - Bungendore, NSW
I don’t think I’ve ever felt as seen or understood as I do when I talk with you. It’s incredible to me how far I’ve come in the last year but the last four months or so in particular. I remember you said when we started working together, “I wonder where you’ll be in three months?” And wow - everything has changed.

Thank you for everything.. I’m really looking forward to the next few months.
— Kelly, Sydney


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