Is body confidence holding you back at work?

It's #loveyourbody week and I have a special treat for you!

Over and over again, I'm hearing the harsh thoughts that clients - women AND men have about their bodies. The time they spend criticising and shaming themselves, trying different diets and regimes, not going for bigger opportunities at work because they don't want to be seen.

Body dissatisfaction is using our precious time and energy.

Time and energy you could use to make your life more fulfilling, to make your mark at work and change the world around you - time you could be using for conscious ambition to flourish!

Love your body week is about calling BS on the idea that we need to be anything but our gorgeous selves. That every body, with our different shapes, skin tones, abilities and limitations is precious, wonderous and worthy of deep care, reverance and love. 


So what is the special treat?! 

I caught up with Claire Middleton OAM - founder of the Butterfly Foundation - earlier this week to talk all about body satisfaction, eating disorders and how to learn to love what lies beneath as well as our bodies. 

It's such a thought-provoking and liberating interview. It's made me think so much more about deeply accepting my body. It's helped me to work on weeding out those last bits of body dissatisfaction that I was holding on to (and to choose fervently to love my soft, round tummy). 

I hope you love it and it ramps up your body confidence and body love.

Here's the interview!

Please note: We do talk about eating disorders in this interview, so if that is a subject that may cause you distress, it might be best to skip this interview. For more information, resources and services related to eating disorders and body confidence - go to

To contact Claire - please email her

Listen to the interview in SoundCloud or click below. 

Tips for boosting body love & confidence

1. Work from the inside out.

Think about all that your body does for you - it's not just something to be looked at - it is an incredible feat of biology!

What does your body allow you to do? Breathe, love, kiss, smell, see mountains, hear your favourite band, hug your friend, feel pain and pleasure, move through the world... laugh!

Actively appreciate your body and what it does. It will help you shift your perspective and increase your body love. 


2. Throw away comparisons.

Stop comparing yourself to anyone on the street you deem 'better' in some way than you. You are you. They are themselves and mark my words, everyone has their own cross to bear.

What if we caught ourselves and decided to bless those we were comparing ourselves to and ourselves?

What if we decided we were good enough already, as we are? Fabulous even?


3. Talk back.

When that inner critic is on the rampage about your looks, stand up for yourself the way you would your dearest friend. 

Don't let that scared part of you take you down.


We are here to live big, beautiful lives in our beautiful bodies. 

We deserve it. All of us.


Here's to loving our bodies!

Much love,
Lara xx

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