Ready to love your work?


If you’re like so many women I know, you want work to be meaningful, interesting and a great part of your life… but it isn’t.


You’d like to feel fulfilled by your work, energised and frankly, to not be so over it that you are thinking about quitting, getting a new job or a never-ending holiday all the time.


I work with smart, ambitious women like you who want to excel in work they are passionate and excited about. The problem is that right now, you are sick of your work or overwhelmed at work and dread each day so much that they have to give yourself pep-talks to get through it.


My unique career coaching will get you on your right path and clear about your next career steps and how to achieve them so that you can enjoy a fulfilling career and make the impact you crave.


I give you the skills, tools and insights you need to makeover your work-life NOW and get back on track to the right career path for you. Whether it’s starting a new business, getting a promotion, changing jobs or industries or simply falling in love with your current role again, it’s all possible for you.


I'm an internationally trained life coach and researcher with a PhD in how work affects women’s mental wellbeing.  


I’ve spent the last 15 years doing research on what makes people thrive - whether in their communities and in diverse work settings: from child care worker and security guards to business owners to Senior Management.


My PhD focused on how work affects women’s mental wellbeing and what can be done to improve it, so I know about the layers of impact on women’s happiness in the workplace and beyond (hello, patriarchy and discrimination).


The research is great but it only tells us what contributes to wellbeing at work for a population, not for individuals. You need to know what works for you!


What can you change, understand and practice in your own work-life to make it amazing?


That’s where coaching comes in. I am also a trained and certified life coach with the Martha Beck Institute in the United States.


Since my life coach training, I’ve helped transform the working lives of over 100 clients privately, in gorgeous retreats and through workplace and private workshops.


The proof is in the pudding - my clients finish coaching energised, excited for their future and happy at work with the tools to make the next step for them happen again and again and again as their careers progress.


Like many of you, I never had a clear idea of what I wanted to be when I grew up – all I knew is that I wanted my work to be interesting, fulfilling and to feel right.


I started working in my early teens in all sorts of places while studying science. In the end, an amazing series of events lead me to public health research.


Fast forward a decade and I had completed a Masters degree and climbed the career ladder like my life depended on it… my sense of self-worth certainly did.


Despite the cracks that started to show in my health and at work, I continued on the research merry-go-round at full throttle, convincing myself that I’d be satisfied and relaxed once I achieved the next thing - the next journal article, grant, award and so on.


I didn’t feel settled in research so I took a brief break to study naturopathy, but that wasn’t right either and I soon found myself returning to research and in no time commenced a PhD while working as an academic.


During this time I got married, bought and renovated a house and had a rough pregnancy and a gorgeous daughter. I wanted to do it all perfectly. I wouldn't slow down or stop… so my body did.


I was bedridden for weeks, which turned into months of very poor health. After countless appointments, it turned out my health meltdown came down to burnout (I have STUDIED burnout, oy).


I had ignored all the warning signs and blocked out my inner knowing which was setting off alarm bells about what I was doing to myself at work.


While I was stuck in bed I did a lot of internal searching and googling… which led me to a life coaching course in America with Martha Beck (she is an ex-Harvard academic and a genius coach).


The ‘what ifs’ then started in my mind, but the thought of learning how to coach was nothing short of delicious. My energy levels (that were non-existent at the time) soared at the idea… so this time I decided to listen to my inner knowing.


After completing my training, I founded Set Me Free Coaching in 2016.  While focused on building my business and supporting my clients, I also won a national research fellowship, which means I now also get to research work and wellbeing in a university setting.  So I keep up with the latest evidence, generate my own and am part of a vibrant research community that is always challenging me. Best of all, when I get stuck I can coach myself or get coached!


I’ve never been happier or more excited to get to work. It’s time for you to feel the same way.

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