Ask the right people... here they are!

Who do you talk to when you need advice, direction or clarity?

Tell me. 

Think of at least one or two people. 

Now, tell me this...

Do these people have a lot of experience being brave and taking calculated risks?

Do they have the capacity to support your choices, even if it goes against what they want or would choose?


Then, I have to tell you that we need to STOP asking people what we should do with our lives, our work, our loves, unless they have experience being truly brave and they will find out what is best for you and CHEER for you and support you, no matter what.

Enough of asking the people that have played it safe forever (God, love 'em) if you should be brave. The answer will be - most likely - that it's not safe to be brave.

Don't ask the person who can't put aside how much they love having you near if you should go to New York for that promotion that makes your stomach leap and your eyes sparkle and leaves you in a puddle of terror.

Enough, enough, enough.

Find the people being imperfectly brave, who are being true to themselves regularly, who are willing and able to put their needs aside to listen, to support and cheer and support you in YOUR path. 

They are the people to talk to. 

The others are the people you inform later, gently, with your heart held by you, that you have made your choice. That you see clearly and it's going to be okay. 

With love,
Lara xx

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