There is help for your path all around you!

I know life can be tough or just kind of flat sometimes. Sometimes we get stuck or feel off track.

When that happens, I strongly believe that there is a veritable army of people as well as all sorts of other things that are gently helping us on our way.

It's never just up to us.

We are never alone (unless we want to be).

I really object to the idea that we brave life alone and don't draw on help that's available.

When in any level of need, from niggle to crisis, there are the usual suspects - family, friends and colleagues - that would support you given half a chance (how are you at asking for help?!).

Then there are a few things I love to play with for extra help from the Universe (or whatever you call the Divine force in the world). 

To do this, you can follow your gut and your curiosity to notice... books that come your way or you feel urged to seek out; song lyrics that jump into your head; internal nudges to talk to new people or have new conversations with people you already know; and instincts to walk a certain way home or to spend time in particular places.

These are common ways of finding help but there are oh so many more. 

We are always loved and guided. 

We always have help.

We just need to ask and pay attention.

With love,
Lara xx

P.S. You can also follow your gut to spend some quality time with me, helping you to be free to follow your highest good. It's wonderful, illuminating and fascinating. Make an appointment today for a free clarity session and see what happens.