You can’t afford to ignore this at work.

You’re smart. You know how to get things done under even the most trying of circumstances. You know how to keep most people happy and deliver a good result.

There’s one thing you might be ignoring though.

It’s the difference between getting through the day and thriving.
It’s the difference between burnout and excelling at a deep level.

It’s attending to YOUR needs.

That’s right, everything from going to the toilet when you need to (I’m talking to you!) to eating regularly and having an inner dialogue that is built on self-compassion and care.

If you ignore you it is likely to catch up with you in a pretty spectacular way.

  • Through physical or mental health problems.

  • Through disconnection from yourself.

  • Through some other way your body expresses being ignored.

Today and every day, I invite you to take time to listen AND respond to your needs.

Big love,
Lara xx
P.S. Building a supportive inner dialogue is one of the most powerful things you can do to excel at work, reduce your stress and increase your confidence. It’s what can help you fall in love with work and skip out the door each day. It’s part of what you can master working with me. Let’s talk about what you need here – 30 minutes, no coaching ‘pitch’, just you and me, getting you going in the best direction for you. Make an appointment here.