Live the Sh*t out of Your Life

How are you living your life?

Since the car accident I had four months ago, I've been working out how to live the new version of my life. 

I have this atypical concussion thing going on - it looks like me getting overstimulated living normal life out in the world and passing out a whole lot. Sunlight kills me and can't go anywhere busy or noisy. I can't drive. Everything overstimulates my system except being at home, well rested and low key. 

I should be depressed but I'm not.

I'm living the shit out of my life. 

I'm growing like a mofo.

I have harvested goodness and opportunities from this divine intervention like my life depends on it, because it does.

I have embraced what I've resisted for years and I've healed inner wounds I never thought I would. 

I have learnt more about self-acceptance, patience and love.

I've never loved my husband, daughter or dog more.

I've never tenderly appreciated the beauty of the world and what others can do that I cannot (currently).

I've clarified, reshaped and refined my business to be more exciting, fulfilling and impactful. 

Gloriously, I have never felt more loved, connected or more taken care of by "the Universe", God or whatever you call that mysterious, loving, peaceful amazingness we all swim in. 

I have my off times, but overall, I've never felt better in my spirit and soul.

I can live the shit out of my life, even when it is seriously derailed because I know how to live an aligned life. 

Aligned because I learn more about myself, what I want and what really matters to me. 

Because I know how to work with my mind and listen to the incredible wisdom of my body. 

Because I know more and more how to serve the world and live my purpose.

Aligned because I know that there is no such thing as a derailment at the deepest level. 

Aligning to your path (mostly!) brings serenity to even the most trying of circumstances, teaching surrender, hope and joy, which supports the necessary grief, anger and tenderness needed to allow the shedding of what no longer serves us or is available for us.

We can resist and be stagnant or we can evolve and unfold.

We can all learn to live OUR version of an aligned life - now it's your turn.

Huge love,
Lara xxx

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