The recipe to a happy working life.

What feelings do you most want from your working life?

For most people I work with (and know) it's these things...

• Peace of mind
• To feel on the right track
• Enjoyment
• To make a positive impact on the world
• To have energy and feel good

To create these feelings, we need the right internal and external conditions.

What we have SO MUCH control over are our internal conditions - they are our job!

Even a half managed mind does INCREDIBLE things - so it's not about being perfect. Not a dot.

How about I give you the tools, the info and the community to help you feel wonderful at work?

That's what my new online course is all about. 

You can watch the workshops live or in your own time, get loads of support and feedback through weekly Q and A sessions and posts you put in my Smash It! Facebook group. 

You can makeover your work-life in 10 weeks, starting 1st September!

Learn more about the course - Smash It! and register!

Big love,
Lara xx 

P.S. It's time to get happy at work, my friend!

1. Join the Conscious Ambition Group and connect with other smart, fabulous women who are boosting their work-lives each week. This is my Facebook community where talented women learn to get more confidence and peace-of-mind and find more fulfilment through work. Click here to join. 

2. Work with me privately.

If you'd like to work directly with me to take you from feeling meh about work to excited and self-assured ... just schedule a call.