Sometimes, it's all about the in-betweener.

The other week I was walking with a new friend when she told me about her work situation. 

She is burnt out.

Keen for a change.

Unsure about what to do next and actively looking for new roles. 

Enter exciting news: She was offered a new job!

Same money, less work and stress... but instead of being relieved and excited for the new position, her mind was spinning and she felt uneasy. 

The job didn't measure up against perfect. It wasn't 'perfect', it's true.

This might seem a funny thing to say, given that I'm all about thriving at work and about LOVING your work, however, this particular instance is one where I think it's totally fine to go for the better job, not the perfect job.

She wasn't ready for perfect. 

When you are exhausted, your work has been toxic and you don't know what you want anymore the answer is often "Just get out of there!".

Give yourself time to recover, to remember who you are, to destress. 

The new job still felt like a huge relief, a bit exciting and an interesting change. It still felt good in her body, it was her head that was racing.

The in-betweener is a godsend when you need to recover and regroup.

Get the time and security to explore new options, to daydream and plan.

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Hi, I'm Dr Lara Corr, a researcher and expert coach in thriving at work. I support professionals to discover and live with conscious ambition through private coaching, group workshops and gorgeous retreats. 

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